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Our Capabilities: Scentisphere is the complete source for printable scent coatings and scent printing technologies. We offer the widest range of specialty scent varnishes and coatings used in all types of printing processes. This includes offset, flexographic, gravure, and silk screen applications, and covers resin, aqueous, solvent and UV based products. We also offer technical assistance and support at all levels, from scent development and approvals through to the application process.

Value Added: Using scented coatings and varnishes is proven to add profitability to printer’s bottom line.  In fact according to a recent study by PRIMIR*, “Scented Inks” rated the most effective of all value added printing processes based on the criteria “Benefits Far Greater Than Cost”. 

Scent: We offer an extensive range of stock scents for your scent printing needs. Click the link on the right to download our stock scent list. If you have unique scent printing needs, we can help develop scents when required. However, the vast majority of work we do is when the customer supplies us their fragrance or flavor oil. Almost all scented products in the marketplace are scented with a fragrance or flavor oil. We are able to microencapsulate these very same oils thereby achieving an exact scent replica of the customer’s product.

Pricing:  Since we offer so many scent coatings and scent application options, pricing is best calculated on a job by job basis. When looking for pricing, there are some basic criteria we look for so we can give you the most accurate quote for your scent printing marketing needs. The criteria are…

The criteria are…

Quantity: Total quantity of scented pieces - including waste.
Size of Scented Area: For square or rectangle sized areas, provide width X height. For circles, provide width of circle.
Method of Printing: Try and tell us as much as possible about the type of printing you are using (e.g. offset) and the printing process employed (e.g. heatset vs. sheetfed, if you have a tower coater unit on the press, if the job is UV, etc.).
Fragrance:  Will the job be a stock scent or will you or your customer be supplying the fragrance oil. 


With this information we will be happy to provide you with a timely customized quote. 

* PRIMIR is the premier market research association of the graphic communications industry.


Scented Printing

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