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Rub’nSmell® Lifts Advertising

“Stopping Power” up to 19% Higher
in Print Advertising Campaigns.

Scented Ads vs Non-Scented Ads
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Ad copy readership increases 136%

when scent strip is added. - Gfk Starch Report

Scented Magazine Advertiser
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attracts and engages consumer’s at Point of Purchase

where 70% of purchase decisions are made.

Scented Product Advertising
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Smart Marketing!
Scented Product Advertisement
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Scented Advertising
stimulates purchase

between the consumer and the brand.

It creates an emotional connection

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Scentisphere is the
Technical Leader
and Source for
Scented Coatings
and Varnishes.

Scent Marketing Research
Specialists In Scent Activation & Marketing

Scentisphere Scent Marketing & Branding

Why Choose Us

Scentisphere prides itself on being a creative scent activation and scent marketing company. We approach each scent branding project as a unique opportunity to create value, amplification and ROI for our scent marketing customers by giving them the ability to integrate the power of scent marketing into their advertising message.

Our scent marketing company customers include consumer packaged goods, prestige and mass fragrance brands and their agency partners who trust us to design and produce fully integrated scent activation programs, as well as commercial printers who rely on us as the source and authority for scented inks and coatings.

As a leader in creative scent solutions and scent marketing, we offer a broad range of in-house expertise that spans many professions and technologies. This includes microencapsulation, fragrance development, scent marketing and advertising, print coatings, print applications, contract manufacturing, and more.

If you are a brand manager, marketer, agency or commercial printer who is seeking effective and efficient ways to engage consumers and add value to future campaigns with scent advertising, let Scentisphere show you how we can apply our scent marketing expertise in creating the best scent solution for you.

At Scentisphere we are focused on delivering value and exceptional service to our customers. Our customer’s interests and needs always come first. Scentisphere works hard to make sure that our customers become repeat customers based on results and satisfaction with scent branding.

Scentisphere is the exclusive distributor of FOLCO SCENT® in North America.

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