Use the Sense of Smell to Educate Consumers About Natural Gas

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There is a reason natural gas companies add an odor to their product: they need their customers to be able to identify if there is a leak, because, as you know, a natural gas leak can be devastating. But what good is this natural gas odorant if customers aren’t sure what natural gas smells like?

Let’s face it, unless you have personally experienced the smell of natural gas, you really don’t know what to expect. That’s where scent education comes in. Scratch’nSniff® and Rub’nSmell® scented print coatings by Scentisphere provide the perfect economical means to educate your customers on the smell of natural gas.

Why Use the Power of Smell

Brochures and fliers are often used to explain the dangers of a natural gas leak and describe the gas leak smell, but that can be quite subjective. When you say to watch out for a rotten egg or sulfur smell, everyone has a slightly different idea of what that smells like.

Not only that, scent is a much more powerful memory trigger than just text or visual aids. In fact, three months after exposure, a person can only recall about fifty percent of what they saw or read; yet they can accurately remember sixty-five percent of what they smelled.

The reason is because the sense of smell is directly connected to the part of the brain that controls memory. The smell goes directly to the source, so more of the information remains intact. So when you provide your customers a Scratch’nSniff® sample of the exact smell of natural gas, they will be able to confidently identify it and act accordingly. This eliminates the guessing game that occurs when someone thinks they smell natural gas, saving time and saving lives.

You Can Help Save Lives

By educating the public about the smell of natural gas, you are doing your job to prevent life-altering disasters. In a recent deadly natural gas explosion disaster, it was reported that one of the residents on the street called to report the smell of gas before the explosion occurred, but they were uncertain if what they were smelling was indeed the smell of natural gas. As a result of the uncertainty, the emergency responder who received the call didn’t feel a sense of urgency, and ended up not notifying the fire department. If the caller had been more certain that they were experiencing a gas leak smell, lives may have been saved.

As a natural gas company, it is your responsibility to educate your customers about the dangers of a natural gas leak, and the most effective way of doing this is by teaching them what natural gas really smells like. With Scentisphere’s Scratch’nSniff® and Rub’nSmell® scented print coatings that contain the actual smell of natural gas, you can eliminate the uncertainty of the gas leak smell once and for all.

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