Sensing the Cents of Scent Advertising


Scent advertising is a powerful and effective way for businesses to use fragrances to attract customers’ attention, encourage them to learn more about their brand, and ultimately, to buy their products.

Consider the wide range of products purchased by consumers that are based on the way they smell, (think deodorant, air fresheners and hair care products). Using scent to advertise these products provides customers with a preview of how they smell, while also establishing an emotional connection with the brand.

So, what is scent advertising really? And how can brands use it to help sell a wide range of products?

Science Behind Scent advertising
Scent sells. Scientific studies provide strong connections between the sense of smell, emotions and memory. In fact, 75 percent of human emotions are linked to scents, which explains why smells can affect mood.

The results of a 2014 Rockefeller University study show that humans are capable of distinguishing more than one trillion scents. Studies have also shown that among the five senses, consumers remember smell the most. Visual recall of items decreases to about 50 percent after three months, while memory of scent samples stays at an accuracy rate of 65 percent for more than one year.

Examples of Scent advertising
With brands constantly on the lookout for new ways to separate themselves from the competition, scent advertising provides an exciting way to reach new audiences and form a lasting impression. Similar to the way a song or music genre is associated with certain stores, scent is becoming increasingly common in brand definitions and advertising. Scent advertising can be used in different ways and on different kinds of products. Some examples include:

  • Direct application on products through the use of Rub’n’Smell varnish. This enables customers to test a product’s scent before deciding whether or not to buy it.
  • Direct application to print media, such as Rub’n’Smell varnish on catalogs, inserts, magazines and direct mail. This provides consumers with an opportunity to find out more about a brand’s scent before interacting with the product before they get to the store.
  • Used on point-of-sale signage displays, such as Shopping Scenter® aisle violators that sample a brand’s scent when squeezed. This offers customers an in-store (where the majority of buying decisions are made) opportunity to interact with the brand.

Reasons to Use Scent advertising
Scent advertising can help businesses increase brand awareness by keeping customers engaged with advertisements and point-of-sale displays for a longer period of time, which increases likelihood of their seeking out more information and purchasing products.

Scent advertising also offers options that help businesses save money on advertising costs. For example, Rub’n’Smell® varnish can be used on packaging that costs less than applying Scratch’n’Sniff® labels to packaging. Scent coating also costs less per page when used on advertising items, such as business reply cards and direct mail.

If you would like more information on scent advertising, please contact Scentisphere. We offer several products that can be used effectively to advertise your brand and enhance sales.

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