Scented Ads Are Proven to Increase the Effectiveness of Print Marketing

Scented Ads Increase Print Ad Effectiveness

According to Starch Advertising Research, scented ads can increase the amount of readers that stop to read print ads by almost twenty percent. There’s a reason scent marketing companies are encouraging the use of Rub’nSmell® technology by Scentisphere—they want to attract more readers and keep them engaged for a longer period of time. Scented ads make print ads rise above their digital competition by making them more effective, informative, and compelling.

Scented Ads Attract More Readers

Before breaking down the findings of the study by Starch Advertising, just stop and take a moment to think about how you browse through magazines. If you come across an advertisement that is encouraging you to “rub here to experience,” chances are you are going to give it a quick rub and sniff, and research proves you are not alone.

Scented ads grab readers “by the nose,” connecting them emotionally with the product they are reading about. This just can’t be done with any other form of advertising, including traditional print ads. So it’s no surprise that Starch’s study revealed that scent ads received an impressive 64% acknowledgment, compared to only 54% percent in non-scented ads. It’s worth noting that the nearly 6,500 ads they used for the study did not include any perfume ads. The scented ads they tested came from a variety of industries, including health, beauty, personal hygiene, and cleaning products.

Scented Ads Keep Readers Engaged Longer

Not only did scented ads capture the attention of more readers, they also kept them looking at the page for a longer period of time. Of the 64% of readers that noticed the scent ads, one in six of them continued on to interact with the advertisement and experience the smell of the product for themselves. This is a crucial step considering that a study done by the Brand Sense Agency found that the olfactory experience is a huge part of the buying process.

In their French study, 72% of respondents said that the smell of a product influences their buying decision, and 77% of people in their South African study claimed that they were going to purchase a product after smelling it. The reason is because the scent of a product emotionally connects it with the reader, leading to brand loyalty.

Make Scented Ads Work for You

Scent technology has come a long way over the years, allowing fragrance to be seamlessly integrated into print ads. Our Rub’nSmell® technology is applied as a fifth color directly onto the scented ads, and it allows up to three different scents per page. Not only are scented ads extremely effective, they are also a lot more affordable than most companies realize—the average cost is a less than a penny per page. It’s clear that scented ads are not novelties. They are a proven way to effectively build your brand identity and increase your brand awareness.

If you want to improve the success of your print advertising, scented ads are the answer you have been looking for. As long as scent marketing companies properly present the fragranced aspect of the ad, scented ads will garner more views and longer engagement than a plain print ad. Make yourself stick out from the competition and contact Scentisphere today to see how scented ads can help your brand.

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