Scentisphere is the leader in printable scent coating options, including the scented aqueous coating solution. Specialists in scent activation, scent marketing, and scent branding, Scentisphere can help you create your scent branding advertising campaign.

Scented packaging is proven to increase sales. For this reason, at Scentisphere, we offer our clients a variety of printable scent coating options. One of these options is the scented aqueous coating.

Rub’nSmell® vs. Traditional Scratch & Sniff

Rub’nSmell® is an innovative scented aqueous coating unaffected by the limits of the typical scratch and sniff.

Benefits of the Rub’nSmell® Scented Aqueous Coating

Unlike a scratch and sniff slurry, a scented aqueous coating can be applied inline. It can also be applied on either a sheet fed or heatset litho press that is equipped with an enclosed doctor blade coater unit.

The Rub’nSmell® scented aqueous coating dries quicker than the scratch and sniff slurry does; therefore, flexo printers can run presses at higher speeds. This ability to run at higher speeds reduces the costs associated with creating the scented aqueous coating products; thus, making it a more economical choice for the business owner.

Rub’nSmell® scented aqueous coating is specifically suited for use as an inline application on packaging. Therefore, the scented aqueous coating can be applied directly on the packaging; thus, eliminating the need for that extra scratch and sniff label. Because of this, expenses associated with creating scented packaging are reduced yet again.

When compared to litho applied scent coatings, the Rub’nSmell® scented aqueous coating provides a stronger scent. The scent achieved with aqueous coating is stronger due to the ability of the enclosed doctor blade to apply a heavier film thickness of coating than is possible when scent is applied via litho varnish application.

How a Scented Aqueous Coating is Created

  1. Anenclosed doctor blade system uses a sheetfed offset tower coating unit to apply the uniquely created coating to an anilox roll.
  2. Via tiny cups/cells that are engraved into the surface of the roll itself, the anilox roll delivers a specific volume of the scented aqueous coating to the printing cylinder.
  3. The printing cylinder delivers the predetermined amount of scented aqueous coatingto the sheet.
  4. The enclosed doctor blade system helps prevent waste by ensuring the coating remains within the system. Preventing coating leaks is essential as leaks can interfere with the quality of a scented aqueous coating.

Why Companies Choose Scentisphere’s Rub’nSmell® Scent Advertising Campaigns

Rub’nSmell® scented aqueous can print directly on advertisements, just as if it were a fifth color. The scent coating works great on BRC’s, supplied inserts, direct mail, with the average incremental cost per page at less than a penny; thus, making integrating scented aqueous coating branding into your advertising campaign both effective and affordable.

Rub’nSmell® scented aqueous coating is ideal for many commercial applications including adding scent to tissue paper, greeting cards, construction paper, wrapping paper, etc. The addition of scent enhances the unique qualities of a product and increases its value. To learn more about how Scentisphere can help you create your scent branding advertising campaign, contact us today.

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