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Scented Ads Are Proven to Increase the Effectiveness of Print Marketing

Scented Ads Increase Print Ad Effectiveness

According to Starch Advertising Research, scented ads can increase the amount of readers that stop to read print ads by almost twenty percent. There’s a reason scent marketing companies are encouraging the use of Rub’nSmell® technology by Scentisphere—they want to attract more readers and keep them engaged for a longer period of time. Scented ads…

Use the Sense of Smell to Educate Consumers About Natural Gas

House Fire - Nat Gas 102915

There is a reason natural gas companies add an odor to their product: they need their customers to be able to identify if there is a leak, because, as you know, a natural gas leak can be devastating. But what good is this natural gas odorant if customers aren’t sure what natural gas smells like?…