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Scentisphere is honored to announce our achievement and certification of ISO 9001:2008, registered in July 2015.

The certification was assessed and granted by Perry Johnson Registrars, Inc., a quality management systems registrar. ISO is an internationally recognized quality model. It provides assurance to customers that the products they receive are produced and shipped under rigorous international quality standards. This certification reaffirms our dedication to excellence in manufacturing and customer focus. Scentisphere is an industry leader in the manufacture of scented printed coatings, varnishes, and scent dispersion products.

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What does ISO stand for?

The abbreviation “ISO” stands for International Organization for Standardization. Registration to ISO 9001:2008 provides objective proof that a business has implemented and satisfied all the requirements of a quality management system.

Meeting these standards assures our customers that all company activities are appropriately managed and controlled from the design and manufacturing to production, handling, storage, shipping, and customer service.

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