Scent Marketing Company


Scented PrintingScentisphere was founded in 2002 with a mission to produce and deliver economical scent sampling products and scent marketing solutions for markets with leaner budgets and broader distribution than traditional department store brands. These markets include consumer packaged goods companies, mass-prestige fragrance companies, and any brand that benefits from integrating scent branding into their marketing and advertising programs.

Scentisphere initially launched with Rub’nSmell® scented print advertisements, a fifth-color scented varnish. Rub’nSmell is the most economical and versatile method of scent sampling in the marketplace. Leveraged in magazine print advertisements, these scented advertisements offer a cost-effective alternative to pre-printed inserts, providing substantial production and media savings. Within packaging, Rub’nSmell makes products more interactive at point of sale. In catalogs and direct mail, Rub’nSmell dramatically increases response rates, redemptions and sales. Virtually any printer can apply Rub’nSmell, enabling our scent marketing customers to integrate scent using their existing supply chain or using Scentisphere as a turnkey source.

As Scentisphere transformed into a full-service scent marketing company, we continue to maintain our original mission of producing economical scent sampling solutions. Scentisphere has an array of cost-effective scent sampling products, technologies, and innovations proven to drive sales and ROI.

Within the global printing industry, Scentisphere is recognized as the leader in scented printing technologies, and printable scent coatings that empowers virtually any printer to print scent. We service and supply all printers, large and small, with superior scent coating products and superior customer and technical support at all levels.

At Scentisphere, we pride ourselves in making our scent printing marketing customers our top priority. With an experienced sales and customer support team, and committed technical support staff, Scentisphere’s goal is to deliver best-in-class customer service to each and every client. We educate, trouble shoot, and support our customers through all phases of product development, pricing, production, and implementation. At Scentisphere, we recognize that our success is reliant on our customer’s success.