Scent-Activation is a 360 approach to interactive Brand Activation, enabling consumers to have a three-dimensional experience with the messaging while trialing a critical part of the brand – the fragrance.


Scented AdvertisingScent-Activation focuses on using the power of scent to create and drive the emotional connection between consumers and your brand. These Scent Marketing Programs are more powerful because of the true interactivity that grabs your consumers’ attention throughout their purchasing decision.

From a marketing perspective, this emotional connection with scent is what makes Scent-Activation so compelling. Our Scent Marketing Programs attract and engage consumers by enabling them to interact with your brands’ scent. This interaction helps consumer connect with a brand at a higher emotional level than traditional unscented marketing programs.

This is the premise of Scentisphere’s innovative Scent-Activation solutions. We enable marketers to use their own brands’ scent to create effective, interactive, scent marketing programs. With our range of scent varnishes and coatings and scent sampling products, Scentisphere can integrate Scent-Activation solutions within virtually any advertising, marketing or promotional campaign.

Please contact Scentisphere to learn about how to design a successful and cost effective Scent Marketing program that connects consumers to your brand, and is proven to generate sales and ROI for your campaign.