Year-Long Scent Branding with ExperiScenter®

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When you think back to one of your favorite memories, whether it be a great time with your family as a kid or an amazing vacation you took several years ago, what do you remember? While you might think about the sights and sounds, there’s a good chance that it’s the smell of the experience that lingers in your mind the longest (like the fresh-baked cookies at your grandma’s house or the fresh pineapple and coconut in your Piña Colada). In fact, science shows that you will be able to recollect what you smell twice as long as what you see or hear. This is what makes scent branding such a powerful advertising tool.

Scent Branding Explained

The sense of smell is the only sense that is directly connected to the parts of your brain that control your emotions and memory (the amygdala and hippocampus), which makes the smells around you an extremely powerful way to remember what you are experiencing. That is why brands spend thousands of dollars developing their own unique scent—something that can only be associated with them when it makes its way into their customers’ long-term memories.

While consumer packaged goods companies rely on scent to sell their product, even companies like hotels and casinos are pumping their signature scents through the air to help their establishment become more memorable. Whether it’s the scent of a laundry detergent or the lingering fragrance in the air at a hotel, these smells are intentionally designed to build emotional loyalty between the consumer and the brand

How ExperiScenter® Helps You Scent Your Brand

The whole concept behind scent branding is for you to have a specific, pleasant smell that can be directly connected to your company or brand. Whenever that smell is inhaled, the person interacting with the scent will begin to associate the scent with both the brand as well as their experience. This association creates a very powerful, positive and memorable bond between the consumer and the brand that can last a lifetime.

The ExperiScenter® from Scentisphere is a graphic, long lasting personal scent-delivery sachet designed to strengthen and amplify the scent branding process. It reinforces the signature scent of your brand by incorporating it into the every day life of your customers. For example, a hotel could give out luggage fresheners infused with their unique scent to ensure their customers think about them every time they open up their suitcase, or a laundry detergent could use scented drawer sachets to guarantee their brand is thought about every time clothes are picked out.  This daily interaction between the consumer and a brands scent is highly effective in building a positive and powerful long-term emotional bond with the brand.  When so much of a brand’s appeal is defined by its smell, it makes sense to encourage scent association beyond the scope of the product itself.  The ExperiScenter® helps your brand by making the power of smell go even further.

By incorporating your unique scent into places the customer comes into contact with on a daily basis, you will transport your customers back to their time with you, building brand loyalty with every sniff.

Read more about EXPERISCENTER® here.

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  • I did not know that the sense of smell was directly connected with the part of your brain that deals with memory. After knowing this information I understand why some stores and companies try to make a store smell a certain way. Restaurants are very good at this aspect making sure that their customers smell the good food and become hungry. However, like you said a scent can create an emotional bond with the consumer and the product that they buy.

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