Scentisphere is the best company for scent activation, scent sampling products, and scent marketing programs. The extensive range of scent coatings, including the powerful aroma coating, can be used as scent activation solutions for any marketing, advertising, or promotional campaign.

At Scentisphere, we use Scent-Activation to harness the power of scent as a means to incite an emotional connection between consumers and a particular brand. Scent Marketing Programs allow consumers to interact with the brand; thus, fully capturing their attention. With Scentisphere’s extensive range of scent coatings, varnishes and scent sampling products, we can incorporate Scent-Activation solutions into essentially any marketing, advertising or promotional campaign.

Aroma Coatings Available for Nearly Any Type of Print Campaign

Your brands’ aroma coating can be incorporated whether you are about to place a printed advertisement in a catalog, magazine, though direct mail, via handouts or as a free standing insert. The creation of aroma coatings involves microencapsulating fragrance oils, which are then mixed into the various print coatings we offer.

We Customize Fragrances to Create Exact Replicas

During the encapsulation process, we use the same fragrance oils that our clients use when they make their products. This step ensures that the aroma coatings we create smell exactly like the products themselves.

Aroma Coatings, For Safety’s Sake

The smell of natural gas or propane can be encapsulated and used to remind consumers how these products smell; thus, increasing the likelihood that they will recognize the aroma coating smell in the event of a gas leak.

Flavor Oils Can Be Used to Create Aroma Coatings

Flavor oils that are used to make beverages, chewing gum and various food products can be encapsulated to create aroma coatings.

Aroma Coatings Are Available for Numerous Printing Processes:

  1. Aqueous Coating– Used in enclosed doctor blade.

  2. Litho Printing– Prints like a fifth color: Applied as an overprint varnish in an ink unit.

  3. UV Litho Printing– Works the same as Litho Printing, but with UV Litho varnish.

  4. Silkscreen

  5. Flexo Printing– UV and Aqueous coatings available.

  6. Gravure Printing– Water, solvent or toluene base.

Product Labeling/Packaging and Aroma Coatings

Brands can also use aroma coatings on their product labels or packaging. This allows a brand to both package their products and offer the consumer a way to access the aroma of the product. Placing a scented item in secure packaging, can dissuade consumers from purchasing your product. Therefore in-store experience and consumer engagement is important — statistics indicate that 70 percent of purchase decisions are made in the store. Moreover, 68 percent of consumers switch brands at the point of sale. By incorporating aroma coatings on product labels, consumers can still compare products without opening or damaging them to do so.

Increase the Value of Your Printed Products with Aroma Coatings/Scented Inks

According to a national survey on Print Buyer & Brand Owner Attitudes on Cost-Effectiveness , brand owners and print buyers’ responses to the use of scented inks was overwhelmingly positive. In other words, the benefits greatly outweigh the costs. In fact, when compared to the numerous other print advertising options, scented inks ranked number one. Contact Scentisphere today to learn more about Scent-Activation, branding, and aroma coatings.

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