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Scentisphere Lift Smell STORE 1-19-17

Consumers today have more options than ever when purchasing online or in-store. As a result, standing out from the competition is more important for brands to stand apart from their competitors. Scent advertising allows brands to reach audiences in a variety of ways. Following are some examples:

Direct Mail
If your business sends out direct mail catalogs, brochures or handouts, consider adding scent to increase response rates, redemptions and sales. Scentisphere’s scented varnish and coatings allow you to integrate scents that prospective customers will respond to. All Scentisphere’s coatings and varnishes are CPSIA-compliant and USPS-approved.

Retail/Point of Sale (POS)
Engage potential customers at point-of-sale with retail/POS scent advertising, which utilizes Rub’n’Smell® and Scratch’n’Sniff® technology to incorporate scent onto just about anything, including :

  • “Take-one” pads
  • Scented “danglers”
  • Instant redeemable coupons (IRC’s)
  • Scented bottle neckers and hang tags
  • Scratch’nSniff labels on packaging

In addition, point-of-sale displays are also being designed to sample scent.

This is a great way to provide customers with a sampling of your brand’s unique fragrance or scent at point-of-sale while also differentiating your products from your competitors at the moment the decision to purchase is being made.

On Pack
Maximize limited in-store shelf space by adding scent advertising to your existing packaging. According to the New York Times, 81% of consumers reported they would select a product they could smell and see over a product they could see only. Not to mention, on-pack scents are less likely to opened and damaged by consumers who try to smell it directly.

In addition to being able to enjoy a more interactive shopping experience, on-pack scent advertising helps customers make more informed buying decisions. making it a “win-win” situation for all involved.

The Scratch’nSniff sticker is the traditional on-pack sampling. These inexpensive scent sampling devices help consumers know what the product smells like without having to open (and damage) the package. It helps to educate the consumers helping the make better purchasing decisions.

A new revolution is happening with on-pack scent sampling with the technology allowing us to print the scent directly onto the package. With Rub’nSmell scent coatings, printers can integrate the scent onto folding cartons and package labels and shrink sleeves during the printing process, much like printing a fifth color. This further reduces the cost of scent on-pack while improving package aesthetics.

In Magazines
Rub’n’Smelll® technology easily adds scent and fragrance to the printed page. Our printed varnishes allow you to feature up to three different scents on one magazine page at less than a penny per page. It allows you to cost effectively incorporate your brand’s scent into a reader’s experience and make a lasting impact at a fraction of the cost of traditional scented inserts.

In Free-Standing Inserts (FSIs)
Adding scent to retail circulars with Scratch’n’Sniff® or Rub’n’Smell® technologies is a cost-effective and compelling way to boost redemption rates while allowing potential customers to sample scents at their leisure.

You can use our FSI scent coatings with just about any type of press configuration (which start at less than half a cent per page), making this a great option for smaller budgets.

If you’re interested in — or getting serious about — taking your company’s branding to the next level, we’re here to help with customized scent advertising solutions. Contact our team today to find out what we can do for you.

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