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Scentisphere is the best company for scent activation. Scent sampling can be the main reason a consumer chooses to purchase a specific brand. Scent sampling can also influence the mood and emotional state of customers.

Scent sampling is commonly used in advertisements by perfume/cologne companies as a means to provide the consumer with a ‘taste’ of their products; however, scent sampling can be beneficial to companies that are selling a myriad of other scented or flavored products as well. In fact, a product’s scent is frequently the key reason consumers decide to…

Scented Ads Offer Many Industries the Ability to Capture More Readers

Non-Perfume Scented Print Ad Industries

While scented ads are often thought of when selling perfume or cologne, new research shows that they can be just as effective for non-perfume brands. From laundry detergents to air fresheners to even food and beverage products, many industries are using scented ads to subconsciously trigger the memories of their readers. These memories help your…

Scented Ads Are Proven to Increase the Effectiveness of Print Marketing

Scented Ads Increase Print Ad Effectiveness

According to Starch Advertising Research, scented ads can increase the amount of readers that stop to read print ads by almost twenty percent. There’s a reason scent marketing companies are encouraging the use of Rub’nSmell® technology by Scentisphere—they want to attract more readers and keep them engaged for a longer period of time. Scented ads…