Experiential Branding and Marketing: Using Scent for POS Sales

Point of Sale Scent Marketing

Point-of-sale scent marketing is proven to be an effective way to increase sales. Studies show providing scent-sampling products at point-of-sale enhances product trials, increases brand switching and improves loyalty; simultaneously, it also helps consumers to make more informed purchasing decisions. The combination of olfactory and visual stimuli engages consumers and creates an emotional connection to the sampled product. Scentisphere offers multiple patented, in-store scent sampling solutions for point-of sale-marketing purposes.

The Shopping Scenter®

The Shopping Scenter® is a scent activation product that emits your brand’s scent when squeezed. It’s a cost-effective and versatile device that can be placed in different areas — near checkout aisles or registers; on retail displays or attached to shelving. Customer case studies show up to a 2X multiplier effect when Shopping Scenter® scent marketing devices are used on displays. Shopping Scenter® devices have the added advantage of offering a visual appeal, which makes customers more likely to notice your brand out of curiosity.


The ExperiScenter® sachet — designed to last for about a year and used for freshening up household drawers, purses, suitcases, lockers, etc. — serves as a keepsake for customers. The ExperiScenter® also helps customers form an emotional connection to your brand’s scent, which leads to a higher likelihood of purchasing your products and staying loyal to your brand. These sachets can be made for specific seasons, as well as in different styles and designs customized to fit your brand.


The Scentergizer® is Scentisphere’s patent pending scent activation device designed to engage customers at point-of-sale scent. It takes advantage of the fact that consumers typically prefer buying scented products that they are able to smell in-store versus products that they cannot. The Scentergizer® encourages consumers to engage with your brand longer, which can lead to an increase in sales. This device features a push-button design and can be easily attached to shelf fixtures in point of sale areas.

Pushing the button on this device releases your brand’s scent. This product provides a convenient way for you to get the most use out of it for an extended period of time. When the scent cartridge runs out (typically after three months), just insert a new one, along with fresh batteries and a new display panel.

Using one or more of these Scentisphere products in point of sale areas is an effective way to work on drawing customers to your brand and increasing sales. If you would like to know more about our point of sale products or our other scent sampling products, please visit our site or give us a call at 845-276-3726.

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