Rub'nSmell is incredibly versatile! By transforming print into a multi-sensory medium Rub'nSmell increases the impact, recall, value, and effectiveness of your marketing efforts. Rub'nSmell is applied in-line during the printing process so the cost to scent advertising, packaging, direct mail, catalogs, coupons, etc. is more then offset by the increase you get in response.


With Rub'nSmell, magazine ads can be scented as easily as applying a fifth color. Since the ad itself is scented, the cost for scenting a magazine ad is much less expensive then printing a supplied scented insert.

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  • Magazine ads can be scented at greatly reduced costs versus supplied scented inserts.
  • Scent makes print ads highly interactive.
  • Rub'nSmell will release scent many times so pass along readers will experience the scent as well.
  • Ads scented with Rub'nSmell will not smell up a magazine so even print media resistant to scented inserts will accept Rub'nSmell.
  • Rub'nSmell can be applied in very creative formats, such as under split covers, inside front and back covers, and many other magazine developed "impact units".

Catalogs, Direct Mail, and FSI's Catalogs, Direct Mail, and FSI's
Catalogs, Direct Mail, and FSI's Catalogs, Direct Mail, and FSI's

Catalogs, Direct Mail, and FSI's

It is proven that using Rub'nSmell increases response rates of direct mail, and catalogs and FSI's. Not only can printed scent be used as a sampling tool for scented products but scent is an effective tool for engaging readers and getting them to interact with the sales materials.


  • Boston Herald ArticleThe increase in response rates from scenting catalog's more than offsets additional cost of applying Rub'nSmell.
  • Rub'nSmell can be applied in many creative ways to direct mail and catalogs such as on peel off labels, as all over coating, or as a spot application.
  • The novelty of scent gives pause to readers to take note and open catalogs and direct mail.



"A study conducted by The New York Times' marketing research department discovered that when given a choice between two similar food or beverage products, 81 percent of consumers would choose one they could smell and see over one they could only see".

Rub'nSmell can be used to scent outer packaging cost effectively. Scented packaging engages shoppers and tells them how great the product inside really is. Scented packaging increase the likelihood that the shopper will pick up one product versus another, and it increases the value of the product as well.


  • Rub'nSmell can be cost effectively applied in-line to a multitude of packages such as cartons, labels and even shrink bands.
  • POPAI (Point of Purchase Advertising International) states that 75% of buying decisions are made in store at the Point of Purchase. Scented packaging ensures that your package is maximizing impulse sales.
  • Virtually any printer can apply Rub'nSmell so a manufacturer can maintain their existing supplier base and not go through the hassle of qualifying a new vendor in order to scent their packaging.

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Scented Insert
Scented Cards
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Assorted Printed Products

Rub'nSmell adds importance to ordinary printed products. By elevating the perceived value of promotional items,
Rub'nSmell maximizes marketing promotional efforts by keeping the advertising message in front of the consumer for longer periods of time then an unscented piece.

  • Rub'nSmell creates a high level of novelty and value.
  • Rub'nSmell is so versatile that it can be used to scent anything printed, such as...
    • scratch off game cards
    • movie tickets
    • gift cardBoston Herald Article
    • POS materials
    • wrapping paper
    • bookmarks
    • tissue paper
    • product insertsBoston Herald Article
    • annual reports
    • coupons
    • stickers
    • editorials
    • pads